My name is Nguyễn Thị Phương

 I am a teacher at the National College of Education, the largest preschool teacher training college in Vietnam. Since starting my work at NCE in 2009, I’ve always been passionate about finding new ways to inspire the love of the profession, to enable students to innovate and grow the community of preschool teachers.

My passion for teacher empowerment resulted in the Kidskills project, that over the period of 15 months developed 300 online resources for preschool teachers to teach life skills, with over 100 videos and other shareable resources

Since 2018, I’ve also been an active member of the Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIE) community and have personally trained over 2500 Vietnamese teachers to adopt technology in their teaching and professional development.

In 2019, I was honored to be recognized by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training as the E-learning Ambassador, the first time a teacher in preschool education getting such recognition. I continue to work hard with our NCE team and beyond, to make our collective dream for smart preschool education a reality for as many kindergartens in Vietnam as possible

The content is shared on the following websites and channels:

Scientific research is one of the important duties of teachers. I have worked as an editor to publish a book, chaired and performed 12 scientific research tasks (Scientific research topics, writing references, guiding students to research science), published about 25 scientific articles for conferences, Journal and Scientific Journal.

First prize in "Search for E-Learning Vietnam Ambassadors" contest in 2019 with the project: “Developing E-Learning Lectures for Deaf Students "

The title "MIEE Innovation Education Specialist (Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert) in 2019-2020, in 2020-2021 with a number of other certificates.


Current technology is constantly being updated and developed, which has strongly supported the overall development of the society. Technology contributes to improving the quality and methods of teaching and learning, I hope to be able to share and contribute more about IT application topics in management and teaching to a large number of domestic and national teachers.